REAL 700 Plus

REAL 700 Plus


ห้องพ่น-อบสี REAL 700 Plus

ฝ่ายขายโทร. 0-2982-7000 ต่อ 171-173

High quality spray booth with CE approval, excellent for professional garage spray painting applications. Fully increase efficiency in spray painting and ensure a clean environment for painters. Various specification and sizes are available.

• Built with glued sandwich panels
• Zero thermo transfers between the inside and outside of the booth
• Insulation material: Polystyrene ;standard) – Polyurethane (option) = Rock wool (option)
• Powder coated metal sheet
• Panels joined by galvanized steel or aluminium H-profile
• Door with brass hinge and panic lock
• Color options:White, sky blue, or red

• CE approved light tubes and lighting fixture
• Electronic ballast
• Inclined ceiling lights
• Protected by tempered glass
• Lighting box can be opened from either inside or outside of the booth
• Configuration option;– Ceiling: – 3 x 36W tube or – 4 x 36W tube Side:
• Horizontal setting:2 x 18W or 3 x 18W -Vertical setting: 2 x 36W, 3 x 36W, or 4 x 28W

• 300mm high metal base
• 2 rows of galvanized grids and 3 rows of reinforced checkered plates
• Capable of K700 per foot print loading
• Supported by transverse and longitudinal floor profiles
• Paint stop fitters on filter trays under the grids

Others flooring configuration;
• Built in ramp
• Full grated flooring
• 1 row of central galvanized grid (without metal base)
• Higher metal base

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