Hunter GSP 9200

Hunter GSP 9200



High-capacity balancer with unmatched features, Hunter’s GSP9200 Wheel balancer is the fastest floor-to-floor wheel balancer of it’s kind.



Improve balance, minimize weight usage & maximize productivity with this heavy duty wheel balancer.


Bottom-Dead-Center lasers on the ForceMatch®HD Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer speeds tape-weight placement a improves accuracy.


Automatically rotates and holds wheel at optimal weight-application position & Saves time and increases balancing accuracy


The optional Hammerhead® on this heavy duty wheel balancer speeds clip-weight placement & improves balance.


Power requirements 215-240V, 3 amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
(Power cable includes : NEMA 20 amp plug L6-20P)
Air supply requirements 100 – 175 psi (7 – 12 bar)
Rim width 1.5 in to 20 in (38 mm to 508 mm)
Rim diameter 10 in to 30 in (254 mm to 762 mm)
ALU 7.5 in to 38 in (191 mm to 965 mm)
Max. Tire diameter 38 in (965 mm)
Max. Tire width 20 in (508mm)
Max. Assembly weight 150 Lbs (68 kg)
Imbalance resolution ± 0.05 oz (1 g)
Placement accuracy 512 positions, ± 0.7º
Balancing speed 150 rpm
Motor Programmable drive system and DC motor
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