Fiac New Silver D 20/500 (Silent encapsulated rotary screw compressors)

Fiac New Silver D 20/500 (Silent encapsulated rotary screw compressors)


From FIAC Research and Development, a new range of low noise screw compressors called NEW SILVER is born to satisfy the demands for small generators of compressed air with low horse power from 5.5 to 50 HP : simple, economical but technologically advanced. NEW SILVER is the ideal solution for costumers who need a complete air station which is easy to use, suitable for continuous and constant operation over time.
The main characteristics of the new range NEW SILVER are:


– Best performances of the category, high efficiency and reliability

guaranteed by the new air end.

– Effective cooling system.

– FIAC EASY CONTROL BASIC manages, monitors and optimises the duty

cycle of the unit, the reduction of the power consumption is obtained

thanks to an effective and reliable adjustable start/stop.

– Easy and immediate reading of the data.

– IP 54, insulation Class F, continuous duty electric motor is oversized on

every unit. Electric components are positionated inside an IP 54 box.

– The drain tap is easily affixed to the foot of the tank.

– Solid chassis, completely realized in painted metal parts.

– Optimal low noise level through sound proof panels made by high density

of cells.

– Long life and high performance over time.

– Optimal and efficient drying of compressed air. DOL start up. Standard input 230V/50Hz/1~. Version available: 400V/50Hz/3~


l dB (A) l /min CFM m3/h bar psi BSP HP kW L mm / in P mm / in H mm / in kg / lb
270 67 1900 67.1 114 10 145 3/4″ 20 15 2030/ 79.9 630 /25 1430/ 56.3 438/ 973


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