Blackhawk 2 HD Korek Frame

Blackhawk 2 HD Korek Frame



The modular Korek frame is composed of parts very easy to put together. One base module is suitable for one work area. By adding standard complements, you can obtain the frame length which corresponds to the size of your shop and number of working bay. There is no limit!


  • For lifting, anchoring and straightening
  • Can be used with electronic or mechanical measuring systems
  • On or in-floor installation
  • Fast vehicle set-up with the hydraulic table lift
  • Comfortable working height
  • For small to important repairs (from cars to trucks)
  • Possibility to straighten small damages without anchoring
  • You can perform pulls and pushes in all directions including upwards.
  • Standard module 4 m x 6,5 m (adaptable)
  • Pulling capacity: 10t
Width 3980 mm
Length 6522 mm
Weight 1420 kg
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